Jul 19, 2018

The Ten Day Checkup

 After a few days under the single bulb lights, the seedlings were quite leggy.  We decided to upgrade as you can see - large fixture which has 8 bulbs.

After several hours under the new lights with
8 "T5 fluorescent" bulbs, there is increased growth.

So far, it has been an adventure. A bit costly but hoping to offset it with edibles we can grow. The first lighting system had only one bulb and many reviewers said it was perfect. It was not great at all. The lights flickered on and off and once we saw the little stems leaning toward a distant window we know it was not working. So we got a different set of lights - this time with 8 bulbs. Oh my!  It was so bright!  The little greenies love it.  All the lettuce, are happy. The Swiss Chard and radishes still have long stems from the earlier days of light starvation, but I hope they will recover.  Light starvation on the left,