Oct 16, 2020

Quakers in Scotland SAL Revealed

 Our Quakers in Scotland Stitch Along has been revealed now after all these months.  The group on Facebook will be archived in mid December.  At that time, we will also remove the listing from our shop. So if you are interested, now is the time to order. If you request, we can also email you the parts to this SAL. It maybe be released in the next year or two as a retail chart, but no promises on dates as life is a little different than in past years.   If you do join, we will send you all the parts only up until 12-15-20.  Best of all is that you are invited to join us here and show off your Tempting Tangles work in our Tempting Tangles Support Group.  We will be delighted to have you come stitch with us!

Do please visit our shop - we have lots to show you, including selected Dinky Dyes Floss packs for certain of our newest SALs.

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