Oct 1, 2021

Rooky Woods Mystery SAL

We have begun!!! Part 1 of 20 is posted or if you ask, we will email to you.  Dinky Dyes floss packs are available, too!

Please come join us in the dedicated Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/356754889472002

Our Admin, Ina, will post the first part to the Files Folder on Sept 30.  You have plenty of time to enjoy gathering floss and fabric! :-)  You can find Dinky Dyes silk floss for this SAL in our shop also.

Also if you aren't already a member, please come join us also at Tempting Tangles Stitchers Support Group on Facebook. We hope to see you there soon!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/TemptingTanglesDesigns

If you have any questions, please let ​me, Ina (Admin) or any of group our Moderators, Melanie, Akshay or Kathy know.  - Deb (Admin)

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