ABOUT OUR SALs (Stitch Alongs)

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How our Tempting Tangles SALs work:
Each SAL is set up in a convenient way so you can always count on the parts being released on a schedule we publish in the Files Folder.  Most are divided into 16 parts and are released every 2 weeks.  It is easier if you join the special Facebook group set up for each SAL. That way, you can easily download the SAL parts as they are released. If you do not use Facebook, we will email the parts to you, again on the schedule. You let us know if you want to be added to our special mailing list. 

Note: I don't mail SAL parts by US mail unless you are willing to pay a full chart price plus mailing costs.

Most of our SALs are $5 for all the parts. Collect them from the Facebook Files Folder and save them in a safe place.  Once the SAL is completely released, we wait for a couple of months and then we remove the parts. They are not accessible any more. I leave the group open as a support group where you can chat with others and show off your WIP and finishes.  Just remember, BEFORE the SAL ends, be SURE to download all the parts and put them in a safe place.
Note: I will not email lost parts after the final, closing date.

Eventually, I will format some of these designs into regular charts and release to shops via my distributors, and to my Etsy shop.  Prices will be set similar to my other full charts.

My Etsy listing for each SAL design will provide a floss list and design stitch measurements so you can choose your fabric.  You will be able to download a schedule for that SAL and have the link to the Facebook group so you can go there and apply to join.  These designs are perfect for anyone who loves beautiful cross stitch. And these are a perfect way to learn about my designs. Will you come join us?

This Corner of Earth

My Own Sweet Home

Sizzlin Summer Carnival

Springtime Easter Delight SAL

Wildflower Woodland Quaker SAL 

Swans and Shears