Corrections and information updates. * For pdf purchases from my Etsy shop, it is best to set your printer margin to NARROW.
In some cases, I've included links to documents in Google Docs, a safe environment where you can see and download the file.

Floss cross references: any floss cross references I provide are never exact between floss companies. A solid color like DMC cannot possibly be a perfect xref to a hand-dyed variegated floss. With that in mind, I've considered each design as a whole, choosing those colors which work nicely together.

Judge Not - Dinky Dyes floss Airlie should be #95

Mister Blueberry Blue:
On a few early charts, we left out a 4-stitch horizontal swath across the chart parts 1 and 2, left and right top sections.
These pieces will give you enough extra both above and
below the missing area so you can without a problem.
You can also download the section here.
link to download Mister Blueberry Blue missing 4 rows
Remember: The elephant's eye is a tiny, ginger bead. Use a 4-sided stitch in ecru/natural to outline that eye area.
Elephant eye: attach Mill Hill # 42028 Ginger petite seed bead

Persuasion: The symbols for the two blues- light and dark- in the chart key were accidentally reversed. Use chart cover as a guide.
Santa's Sleigh ornament- uses a variation of Smyrna Cross, which I term Diagonal Smyrna Cross over 6 - it is my own variation. To create each cross on the dark green tree branches, first work a large RIGHT LEANING single cross stitch over 6 threads of linen, or over 3 on Aida. Then overlay a LEFT LEANING cross per illustration shows.
Attach copper bead in centers.

Needleworker's Abecedarius - on very early charts, there is a notation that this design can be worked over 1 thread.
It must be worked over 2 threads. Also a typo - use the word Kelim instead of the incorrect Kemlin.

Patient Stitcher: suggested fabric is Rue green by Zweigart. This color has been discontinued but a satisfactory xref is either Weeks Dye Works Morris Blue or Seafoam

Tempting Teas:
Dinky Dyes #46 Topaz which should 144 Aussie Dawn

Giovanni's Alphabet -
supplies/floss xref

Some early charts show
a leafy border under the alphabet, charted in
the same dark green used
in the top alphabet with
alternating pink and
and lavender flowers.
Newer charts issued later in 2012 have been corrected. Either way is pretty; floss needs are the same.

We Are One

Earliest charts issued
suggest "1000d" Perle,
but also states size 12.
Key should be "600d" Perle,
equivalent to size 12

Coffee Compendium
Link to document for
supplies -floss xrefs

Some charts may show Dinky Dyes #46 Topaz - should 144 Aussie Dawn

Panoply of Posies
If your chart was purchased in late 2010 or early 2011,
it may be missing Section 2.
link to Missing Section 2 -
Download numbers/alphabet for personalizing:
Charts purchased around mid 2010
may be missing part #11.
Download it at here.
link to CREATION section 11 omission
Additional info on charts sold before 2012
Autumn Nodding - WaterMeadows Castle Seasons Series -
Download: Alphabet and Numbers for personalizing

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