This page is a definite 'work in progress'. 
I love to see your finishes and will post them 
here as time and space permit!
Sharrin Edwards - Have A Cuppa

The Welcome Facebook SAL membership will only be available until June 7th. After that, the Welcome SAL Facebook Group will close. If you want to show off a finish, please do contact me so I can arrange to display it on my site. And if you want to join and download the Welcome SAL parts,there is time, but hurry!! My Etsy Shop

Kathy Mirra - Tree Top Birth Sampler

Sharrin Edwards - Summer Sweetness

Hideko Ogiwara‎ posted her
Welcome SAL finish & clever frame!
Dana Burt- Key to My Heart
Elizabeth Jones Albin has posted her Welcome SAL finish (April 2017)
Teresa Bill posted her framed finish of Welcome SAL (May 2017)

This is Ann Blackburn's lovely finish of our Welcome SAL ending April 2017
This is Elaine Murphy's lovely finish of our Welcome SAL ending April 2017.

 Your beautiful finishes are on display for all to see and enjoy
As you finish a Tempting Tangles Design, send me a picture I can post here!!  More to come.
Three finishes of Tree Top Birth Sampler: Far left is Bonnie Hope's work for Lililya Jane; at center is Dawn Rode's work for little Hunter and on far right, Kathy Mirra put Valentina (freebie of few years ago), cleverly perched our baby chimp in the branches.
1-10-10 My friend Rebecca R. used a few of the smaller motifs in my newest design, "Panoply of Posies"  to create this striking project book.   I love  the brilliant variegated rainbow floss on black fabric! 

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