Aug 9, 2021

Chocolate Cravings Cross Stitch Along by Tempting Tangles Designs

Is anyone in the mood for chocolate? Good Morning from Deb at Tempting Tangles. Here is an updated peek at our "Chocolate Cravings" Mystery SAL. Order membership and get all the parts we have released so far!! See links to a Dinky Dyes silk floss pack, too. Chocolate Cravings Mystery Cross Stitch SAL from Tempting Tangles - Info.
 "Chocolate Cravings Mystery SAL" is a companion to our '"Tempting Teas" and "Coffee Compendium" - are also in my shop.

Jul 30, 2021

I Am Woman- New Mystery SAL

Hello. everyone!  "I Am Woman" Mystery SAL begins August 19.  Each of 16 parts will be released every 2 weeks. This SAL joins our Wit and Wisdom series, focusing on women. Smile and remember all the wonderful women in your life who taught you how to be strong.   Our design is 176 x 176.  Please learn more & order here:  

Jul 10, 2021

Year in Flowers/Book of Flowers

 Hello from Deb at Tempting Tangles Designs

See our "A Book of Flowers”, “A Year in Flowers" in a Two-In-One cross-stitch Mystery SAL

Come gather the flowers! Order & receive released parts for both SAL versions.