Sep 21, 2021

Creative Madness Mama Blog Post

Creative Madness Mama - Cross Stitch Enrichment 

A friend of mine - CherryBlossomMJ, asked me how I happened to become interested in stitching.  It is a long story going back over 60 years.  So I sent her the story I had written out, years ago. As I re-read it, I smiled so many times, reliving the experience.  While I had no idea at the time - or times, really - it was the start of a series of turning points in my life and I will always be grateful for that one ugly needle point design and my patient teacher.  

So please read the story my friend MJ has posted on her blog.  I am sure you will enjoy how one thing seemed to lead to another, right up to that point in time. :-) I wrote that article in  2009, just at the time I first had an inkling there might be something like Tempting Tangles in my future.  And now 12 years later, it is the love of my life!

Keep Stitching - you never know what the future holds.

Sep 18, 2021

Semper Paratus - a Nautical Adventure in cross stitch

Hello from Deb at Tempting Tangles. 
Our "Semper Paratus" Mystery SAL  recently started and we are at part 6 of 16.  This SAL is another in our Transportation series (with a nautical theme this time).  It also joins our Travel-Cultures & Latin Phrases designs. Stay cool and come sailing with us!!! Please learn more and order your membership here. even if you join a little late, you will still be able to get all released parts - you won't miss a bit- if you order before we end this SAL on February 28, 2022! 
Once you have ordered, come join our Private Facebook group  but if you want us to email the parts as they are released, just let us know when you order. You can contact us here by email, also. 
In addition, please come join us also at Tempting Tangles Stitchers Support Group on Facebook. The link is below.  You can also post your TTD work, since we all love to see TT stitching projects. I hope to see you there soon!

Happy stitching!

Sep 9, 2021

Rooky Woods New Mystery SAL from Tempting Tangles Designs

Hello from Deb at Tempting Tangles Designs!

Our "Rooky Woods" Mystery SAL begins September 30, 2021.  Each of 20 parts will be released every 2 weeks. This SAL joins our Autumn & Halloween, Whimsy-Fairytale categories. It was inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth.  Our design is 172h x 190w stitches.  Please learn more & order here:  NOTE: We have two sizes of floss packs to choose from, based on the fabric count you will use. All the link info is in our SAL listing.

Please come join us also at Tempting Tangles StitchersSupport Group on Facebook. We hope to see you there soon!

If you have any questions, please let us know.  -o-o-o-o-


Sep 6, 2021

Always & Forever Mystery Stitch Along

 Hello from Deb at Tempting Tangles Designs.  

"Always & Forever Mystery SAL" a our ongoing 16 stitch along design. Our romantic design features an elegant, lace-trimmed heart/valentine & blossoms to delight for a perfect wedding, anniversary, or welcome gift.  Always & Forever is designed to be personalized with initials and date.  We offer a luscious, Dinky Dyes floss pack, too. Please read the details here! When you order you can access the released SAL parts

Thank you for reading my post!